​Opening December 21, 2018
Mainstage Theatre
at Pheasant Run
St. Charles, IL


Meet our Cast

Notes from Mike & Jerry

It is Christmas Eve in Chicago at The Barkley, the city’s most prestigious kennel and dog training facility. As the frigid, blustery wind howls outside, the canine stars of our show are dropped off one at a time by their “humans” to spend the holiday at the famous facility for a refresher training course.

DOGS is The Sigman Brothers funny, poignant and often tongue in cheek answer to Cats, filled with fantastic songs, wonderful characters and brilliant staging. The costumes and makeup are state of the art, and the sets will amaze and astound you.
During the course of the show we meet a number of memorable pooches, hear their incredible stories and come to learn about the close bond they share with their human counterparts.
DOGS is the perfect show to experience with your family and loved ones during the holiday season, whether you have your own furry, four legged friend at home or just love great musical theater.