​Premiering at 
Mainstage Theatre
at Pheasant Run
October 19-October 28, 2018

Based on the popular German fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm 1812 edition of Children’s and Household tales, it tells the story of a Miller that tries to get himself out of financial difficulty by claiming to his king that his daughter can spin straw into gold. The King takes him at his word and has her locked into a tower room filled with straw and a spinning wheel and assures her that if she doesn’t spin the straw into gold by morning he will have the Miller beheaded. As she sits terrified in the room there is a puff of smoke and a strange, imp-like creature appears and through some magic gives her the power to spin the straw into golden thread. He asks for her necklace in return.
The next morning the King is astounded to see the ball of golden thread and has the girl taken to an even larger room and demands she repeat the feat.  The imp once again returns, casts a spell and spins another huge ball of golden wire in return for the girl’s ring.

On the third day the girl is taken to an even larger room filled with straw and the King tells her that he will marry her if she can perform the feat one last time...and that failure means the death of her father. For the third time the strange creature appears, this time extracting a promise from her that in return she will give him her first born child. She agrees and for the last time the straw is magically turned into gold.

The King keeps his word, a child is born and the weird little man appears to collect his payment, but tells her she can avoid the loss of her child if she can guess his name within three days’ time.
And then…well, you’ll just have to come to the show to see how everything turns out!
We have expanded this short and popular tale and turned it into a dazzling musical appropriate for children of all ages.